Spring Maintenance For Your Driveway In Westchester County, New York.

Spring is the time of new beginnings, and homeowners in the northeast will soon begin the process of spring cleaning and getting their homes ready for warm weather. Spring is here and as the weather warms up, you’ll begin noticing the damages left behind on your asphalt driveway from the relentless cold. Spring is the perfect time to refurbish your driveway, whether you decide to have it seal coated or just want to fill in any cracks that may have formed from ice. Here are some ways you can get your driveway looking its best just in time for the warm weather.



  • Clean The Driveway- Debris like dead leaves and sticks commonly find their way into our driveways at the end of Fall before the arrival of snow and ice
  • Power Washing– A good power washer will help to remove embedded salt, dirt, silt, and other deicing chemicals from your driveway
  • Removing Weeds-Weed encroachment is a common occurrence in driveways with lots of cracks and potholes. Remove all weeds first before applying crack filler
  • Applying Crackfiller-You can fix smaller cracks by filling them with liquid crack filler. However, in the case of larger cracks, you can use a cold patch to fill potholes, but a cold patch shouldn’t be a permanent solution to fix potholes. Large potholes can expand rapidly, especially with the arrival of heavy rain in the spring, so consider asking for help from a local contractor. The Northern construction team will provide you the best advice for filling potholes based on the pre-existing condition of your driveway.
  • Seal Coating– Seal coating your driveway is an excellent way to extend the life of asphalt and maintain its black, smooth, and shining appearance. Seal coating sealers prevent oxidation of the asphalt surface by forming a defensive outer skin and averting the penetration of water, salt, and other de-icers. Sealers act as a protective shield on the asphalt to guard the driveway against the deteriorating effects of oil, gasoline, and various other harsh chemicals substances.

Get Your Driveway Sealcoated This Spring!

Spring is considered the best time of the year to get your driveway seal coated for many reasons. 

  • Durability & Elasticity– Having your driveway seal coated in the spring will allow the sealer to bond with the strongest durability and elasticity to the pavement. Spring is considered the best season since the warming weather brings mild temperatures in the high fifties and low sixties which are ideal temperatures to apply asphalt sealers.
  • Curb Appeal– After the snow melts it will reveal the damages left behind from ice and salt. Now It’s time to show your asphalt pavement some attention and give it the shining new look it once had. A freshly sealed driveway or parking lot will make your home or building’s curb appeal stand out like never before.