5 Key Elements In An Asphalt Driveway In Westchester, New York.

 Key Elements In An Asphalt Driveway             1. Appearance

 Key elements in an asphalt driveway are important, starting with the look of the finished product. It can be a focal point of your house and even add value to your home. A well-paved driveway has neat and straight edges, a smooth surface to drive or walk on, and clean seams. A professional contractor will leave you with a nice-looking and strong driveway.

2. Proper installation

A professional asphalt contractor will discuss with you a game plan for your driveway. Many people have their driveway repaved because either their driveway is old and cracking or they have water issues. Driveways can either be overlaid or torn out and re-paved. An overlay is when new asphalt is paved directly over the existing driveway. When this is done, a sticky glue-like substance called tack coat is applied to the old driveway. This will create a strong bond between the old and new asphalt. When a driveway is removed, the old asphalt and sub-base are trucked away. A new sub-base is installed and compacted. Then a new finish layer of asphalt is put down.

3. Foundation – The key to a long-lasting driveway is the foundation.

Just like anything else you build, if the foundation is weak, then the structure that you put on top of it will be weak. A good driveway has sub-base Item 4. It’s common base material put down under roads and driveways. You should discuss with your contractor which item 4 they are using as there are several different grades.  Compaction is incredibly important in installing a good sub-base because if your sub-base isn’t compacted properly, it can cause sinkholes and heaving.

4. Drainage- Water is one of the most damaging elements of asphalt.

If water is not diverted away from the pavement it will form puddles and destroy the pavement over time. In the winter, standing water in your driveway can freeze and cause slipping hazards. Therefore, it is crucial to pitch the pavement to allow water runoff. However, if your home is downhill and your driveway is pitched towards your home, you may have to install a drain to capture the water and divert it away.

5. Maintenance- Proper driveway maintenance ensures the longevity of your driveway.

After a time, the asphalt will start to wear and may be subject to cracking, It’s important to fill these cracks with crack sealer so water will not penetrate and cause further damage. Seal coating is another option for maintenance. A seal coat is a liquid tar that can be applied every couple of years to protect your driveway from weather elements and keep it looking new.

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