How Do Harsh New York Winters Affect Asphalt Driveways In Yorktown, NY.

How Does Snow And Ice Effect Asphalt?

How Does Snow And Ice Effect Asphalt? It can in a variety of ways. Precipitation during Winter in the Northeast can wear asphalt down, reducing its durability. Some homeowners, unfortunately, forget to take the necessary precautions to protect their driveways. A neglected driveway can lead to more serious matters. This may include cracking or upheaving from freeze and water damage. These problems not only look aesthetically bad but can cost quite a lot to fix. Here are some simple steps you can take to protect your driveway from cold and freezing weather.

Understand What Affects Your Sealcoating

Having your driveway sealed in Fall before Winter is a great way to prevent water from entering unsealed cracks and spaces. When water gets under asphalt it compromises the sub-base and causes heaving. Also, consider using hot tar to seal the seam of your driveway and other possible cracks. Ask Northern Construction about the different types of tars and seal coats that can be applied to cracks. Hot tar and seal coat will prevent water from entering any existing cracks. 

Make Sure You Have Snow Shovels On Hand

It’s always handy to keep a few shovels around for quick and easy snow removal. Snow that is left to sit and melt will turn into ice overnight. Choose shovels that do not have overly sharp edges to prevent scratching the pavement.

How Does Snow And Ice Effect Asphalt


Consider the use of De-icers

Keeping your driveway free of ice is important. There are various kinds of de-icers such as calcium or rock salt. Both products are effective at preventing a buildup of ice. However, most of these products can be environmentally harmful to plants and animals. Some types of salts can be harmful to pets. They can get stuck in their paws and cause irritation. It’s important to do your research to see what products will be environmentally friendly for your driveway and pets.


Apply Temporary Solutions When Necessary To Extend The Life of Your Driveway

 If you notice a pothole has appeared cold mix is a temporary but effective solution. Cold mix is used to fill potholes and prevent them from expanding. Ask Northern Construction about filling potholes to prevent water and ice from heaving your driveway.  Our clients who come to us with questions are given the best recommendations from our team.  based on the condition of their driveways. For nearly three decades we’ve helped our clients maintain their driveways throughout the winter, providing them with the best choices in terms of snow and ice protection.