Spring Paver Maintenance

Sealing Your Pavers

Getting your pavers sealed should be your first Spring paver maintenance task. Stone pavers become faded and start to lose their colors gradually over time. Especially after severe winters which are common in Westchester County. Ice, frost, and snow are commonly the culprit for faded, dull pavers. Sealing your pavers will enhance and deepen the colors. As a result, it will keep the pavers looking brand new. Sealers also allow the pavers to retain their natural colors longer. If your pavers are already faded, sealers will restore them and make them look new again. Ideally, homeowners should have their pavers sealed every two to four years. However, this depends on how faded the colors of the stones get over time. Sealing your stone pavers also adds additional protection from staining and oil spills. Gas, oils, and de-icers can stain pavers permanentley.

Spring paver maintenance isn't complete without adding a good sealer to protect the stones

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Spring Paver Maintenance Involves Weed Removal

Weeds, grasses, and plants will commonly grow in between the cracks of stone pavers. The easiest way to prevent this is to fill the joints in your stones with polymetric sand to effectively prevent weed growth. However, if your pavers are not jointed with polymetric sand, you can simply remove the weeds by hand. or use a weed killer that won’t stain or damage the pavers.