Pouring Concrete Footings For Cobblestone Curbing In Somers, New York

Creating a Trench for the Footing-

Belgian Block also referred to as cobblestones can add a rustic look to the outside edges of your driveway. Before these blocks can be set into place a few steps must take place first. First, a trench is dug to allow space for the concrete.


Pouring the Concrete Footings-

After the trench is dug string lines are set up at a pre-determined height to be used as a guide. The concrete footing is poured and then the cobblestones are set into the wet concrete.



Shaping the Joints-

Once the stones have been set, it takes several hours before the cement dries and the stones to fasten. Once the stones are fastened into place wet cement is poured into the cracks, known as the joints. The cement is shaped with a shaping tool to fill the cracks and give a neat finish to the stones.