Tire scuffing on an Asphalt Driveway In Somers, Ny.

What Causes Tire Scuffing On My Driveway? There are plenty of ways for those annoying marks to show up in your asphalt driveway but timing, temperature, and tires have a lot to do with it. Timing Is Everything.  Starting with the age of the pavement, freshly laid asphalt is more susceptible to tire scuff marks […]

Why Should You Install Interlocking Pavers? Cortlandt Manor, NY

Value- Installing pavers can increase the value of your home. This kind of attractive curb appeal, if properly installed, especially with hardscaping that requires minimal maintenance can last up to three decades. They go a long way and are quite an appeal to any prospective buyers.   Aesthetic- Interlocking pavers come in a variety of […]

How Do Harsh New York Winters Affect Asphalt Driveways In Yorktown, Ny.

Cold weather and precipitation during the winter months can cause damage to asphalt surfaces. Many homeowners unfortunately forget to take necessary precautions to help their driveway withstand freezing cold, snow, and precipitation. A neglected driveway can lead to more serious matters, like cracking or upheaving in the pavement from freeze and water damage. These problems […]